Dark Haired Goddess Romi


romi rain black swimsuit

Romi Rain shows her perfect curves in black swimsuit

I would like to start this short article about Romi with few words about her official site, because I think that is what most of you are looking for here. Official site of Romi is really something extraordinary and amazing. If you have had membership at some official site of some adult star before, you know that sometimes these sites are low quality. They start with dozens picture and video sets and then no one updates them for ages or even ever. That is not the case of Romi’s site. I have been checking it out lately, and you can usually see there updates about every two weeks, sometimes even more often. What is also great is that you will not find there only big amount of professional videos and pictures with her, but also her homemade videos. I think it is something really cool and refreshing seeing your favorite adult star how she is doing it at her home, in her bed. Official site is here.


Romi Rain is my favorite chick and if you are fan of her you can be sure you have just found the right place. I just love it when some new star appears on the sky of adult fun and Romi is star that is shining really brightly. I have not seen so beautiful chick who enjoys her job so much for very long time indeed. I think that there are too many ladies in the business who does it only for money and does not like it really. She is really not one of those. You can see clearly in her every scene how much she likes it. That is something what probably all her fans loves about her so much. That is what makes her so special and that is the main reason why she already has such huge fan base. Not many ladies in this business had such “rocket start”. I have seen few, but Romi’s career start is something trully extraordinary. This place is site where you will find (almost) everything what Romi did and I just know you are going to like this place. There are already several sections which are built around the most popular stuff with her.

Of course the most important part is videos, where you will find really everything I could find with her and also in the highest possible quality. These is also picture section where you can find pictures with Romi and there is special section about all her anal videos, because these videos seems extremely popular among her fans. It took her quite long time before she made first such video, so that is probably one of the reasons.

I’m sure that many of you guys are on this page for very first time. You have seen somewhere some pictures or videos with Romi and said to yourself “damn this chick is hot, I have to find some more stuff with her”. Then you wen to to google and found this place. I’m also sure that many of you guys would like to know more about Romi, who she is, when she started and so on. Well, I did this job and here is some info I have found about her. Of course it is all from the web, so we cannot be sure about anything. Truth is than everyone can write anything they want on the net about anyone they want, so you will always find huge amount of information that are simply not true.

Romi was born in Boston, United States in 1988 so she is now 26 years old young in the moment I write this. Color of her eyes is hazel, her natural hair color is beautiful black. Of course everyone can see at first look that she has fake breasts, but really perfect I would say. Her breasts are surely one of the reasons why she is so popular and her popularity grows with every new scene. There is also another reason why every man who see some video with her will never forget her.

The reason I have on my mind are her hair. Really if you think about it, how many ladies in this business has so beautiful hair? Its those beautiful, long, dark black hair that makes her really unique and iconic person of adult entertainment of 21st century.

Romi has piercing in navel and ears and quite a lot of tattoos. I think really great way how to indentify her fast in any scene is that tattoo with paw prints she has on her right calf. She has also other tattoos like cherries, cat and others. Definetely one of the reasons why she is so popular in all the sites about tattoos. There are still stars who has much more tattoos than she has, like Christy Mack or others. Looks like she is real fan of tattoos so I would not be suprised to see something new on her hot body in some future scenes. It looks like she started as centerfold and webcam girl first and went hardcore in 2012, but I’m not 100% sure about that. It is not easy to find lot of stuff with her before 2012 so she probably has not made too many scenes and pictures in that time.